Radio Amateurs Old Timers Club Australia Inc
Registered No A0042780C 


Established 1975
Incorporated 2002
Member - Wireless Institute of Australia (WIA)



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and OTN magazine to:

The Secretary
PO Box 107

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Site last updated 30-Nov-2016


President Ian Godsil VK3JS
0466 286 003

Vice-President Andrew Walton VK3CAH
03 9783 6859

Secretary Ian Godsil VK3JS
0466 286 003

Treasurer Derek McNiel VK3XY

OTN Editor Bill Roper  VK3BR

Broadcasts Bruce Bathols VK3UV
Ian Godsil VK3JS

Membership Secretary Bill Roper  VK3BR
03 9584 9512

Web page co-ordinator Andrew Walton VK3CAH

Committee Members Mike Goode VK3BDL
Jim Gordon VK3ZKK
David Rosenfield VK3ADM
Bruce Bathols VK3UV
Anthony Rogers VK3JIA