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PARTY 2017


QSO Party 2017

RAOTC QSO Party 2017

All licensed Australian Amateur Radio Operators are invited to participate in the annual QSO PARTY sponsored by the Radio Amateurs' Old Timers' Club Inc. The event may be treated as a contest or simply enjoyed as a basic contact occasion.

As RAOTC members are amateurs with many years’ experience, most are likely to have older radios still in working order.  This QSO Party is a good opportunity to give them an airing; but you can, of course, also use your latest state-of-the-art rig.

Saturday, 16th  September, 2017
0600 – 0800 UTC
4 - 6 pm Eastern, 3:30 pm - 5:30 pm Central, and 2 - 4 pm Western
40 and 20 metres.
CW, AM and SSB.
Suggested Frequencies:
40 metres
CW 7020 kHz
SSB 7080 - 7110 kHz AM 7125 kHz
20 metres
CW 14040 kHz
SSB 14160 - 14200 kHz
AM 14150 kHz
"CQ OT”. or “CQ Old Timers”
Callsigns and RST reports.
Scoring: One point per contact.
Add 25 points for using a radio 25 years or more old.
In order to acknowledge your participation, you are invited to send a log of your contacts
so that a list may be compiled for publication in the monthly broadcast and on the RAOTC web page.  Your list should show the name and postal address of the operator submitting the log, the number of contacts with callsign, RST exchanged, points claimed and whether you used an older radio or not.
Send logs to: 
Secretary RAOTC, PO Box 107, Mentone VIC 3194; or via email to: by Friday, 6th October 2017. If sending by email, and no acknowledgement or QSL is received, please resend.
Certificates will be issued to:
  • Scorer with highest total contacts.
  • Highest scorer using an old rig.
  • Highest scorer in each mode in each hour.

Ian Godsil VK3JS

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