Radio Amateurs Old Timers Club Australia Inc
Registered No A0042780C

RAOTC Luncheon



Every six months, the RAOTC (Victoria) holds a luncheon, with a guest speaker.
We realise many members are unable to attend these popular events for one reason or another.
From time to time we record the guest speaker’s talk, and place it here for all to hear.

To listen to a recorded luncheon speech , left mouse click to play, or right mouse click to save the files below.  

Kindly note. Three of the original recordings were originaly posted in Windows Media Audio - WMA, format, which at the time was the current state of the art in audio compression technology. It was, and may well still be, a very good format. However, time has moved on, wma is no longer as popular a format as it once was. Many portable device simply won't play WMA. On Apple computers, to play wma is do-able, but awkward. The original recordings have now been converted over to, and made available, in the more universal mp3 format. The files are larger, however with the demise of dial-up Internet, the larger file size shouldn't present any problems. They are still smaller than the WIA weekly half hour National broadcast, available for download from the WIA website.

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