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Disposal of deceased radio amateur’s equipment

This is an item put together by Ian Godsil VK3J S at the request of the RAOTC committee and is something all radio old timers should think about.

“Till death do us part” is usually associated with marriage amongst older people. A similar sentiment probably exists amongst amateur radio operators as regards our equipment. We all know operators who never get rid of anything, and those who upgrade regularly as well as adding to their shacks when a new interest comes along. All this is fine and helps the sale of new gear.

However, time passes and we eventually get to a point where we think of retiring and possibly start to run into health difficulties, which for some may lead to a lessening of on-air activity and interest in the hobby of amateur radio. This is normal enough, but sadly the next step is often overlooked, and that is making arrangements for our final illness and eventual death.

For many of us, a family member has been asked to ‘look after our affairs’, but the question arises, ‘Have we fully briefed this loved one on ALL our wishes?’ Have we even thought of our amateur radio gear amongst who gets our possessions? If we have not, then we run the risk of a relation suddenly being confronted with a room full of ‘that stuff’ and having no idea what to do with it. Particularly if we have a large tower and beam antennas in the back garden.

Are you in this category, even if you are still in good health and quite active in the hobby? Have you wondered what to do with your rigs if you do get sick, or what will happen to your beloved equipment in the event of your death?

If this is you, then it is suggested that you stop for a moment and consider these questions.

The Radio Amateurs’ Old Timers’ Club is sometimes asked if there is somewhere to go with Dad’s equipment? Whilst the Club does not feel that it is within its ethos to offer advice or a resale service, the RAOTC Committee does feel that this is a subject that needs to be aired for the general good.

One could always ask the WIA, or the local Radio Club. More than likely the departed radio amateur was a member of a local radio club, so surely there would be the place to start. Some clubs will try to sell off used equipment, or an individual member may help out, especially if he had been good friends with the deceased.

But it is something that we should think about and not leave until it is too late. It is not being melodramatic or tempting fate, just being realistic. After all, having someone decide to sell your transmitting gear on eBay could be both illegal and unethical.

May you enjoy your hobby for many years to come but, like the Boy Scouts, Be Prepared!

If, after having read the above, you still have questions in regard to the disposal of the equipment of a deceased radio amateur you can contact RAOTC committee member Jim Gordon VK3ZKK by
telephone on 03-9893-1711.or


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