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OTN journal - now available on DISC

Here is your opportunity to have a copy of each issue of OTN journal ever published - a copy of history

All issues of OTN journal, from No 1 published in March 1985 right through to the current issue, are now available as individual PDF files on a single data DVD.

Also included on the data DVD is a comprehensive index in PDF format, and a ‘read me’ explanatory file.

These ‘OTN on Disc’ data DVD's are available only to RAOTC members for $25.00 each (which includes pack and postage).

If you would like to have each issue of OTN journal ever published at your fingertips, please send your order for an ‘OTN on Disc’ DVD and your remittance for $25.00 to:

PO Box 107
Mentone Vic 3194

See Payment of money to the RAOTC


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