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VK3OTN, the official callsign of the RAOTC, transmits news and information sessions for the benefit of members on the first Monday of each month (except January) at the following times and frequencies:

10.00 Victorian time (all year) -:

  • VK3REC in Melbourne on 147.175 MHz, (FM Repeater)
  • 1.825 MHz AM in Melbourne
  • 7.146 MHz LSB from Adelaide

01.00 UTC (all year) 14.150 MHz USB beaming north from Victoria (VK3).
20.00 (8:00 pm) Victorian time (all year) VK3REC in Melbourne on 147.175 MHz, (FM Repeater)
20.30 (8.30 pm) Victorian time (all year) 3.650 MHz LSB.

On an experimental basis -:

16.00 (4:00 pm) Victorian time (all year) on 7.146 MHz LSB from Melbourne.

Also have a look at our re-broadcasters below.

Western Australia
10.00  local time (all year) 7.088 MHz LSB and by VK6OTN over the linked VK6 NewsWest FM repeaters.

09.00 local time on 3.620 MHz LSB, relayed by Chris, VK6JI in Perth. This is a new frequency and experimental at this stage.

On the Sunday following the first Monday of the month, Chris, VK6JI re-broadcasts three news bulletins, NewsWest followed by WIA news and then the latest RAOTC monthly broadcast. These bulletins begin at 08.00 local time on 7.088 Mhz, so the RAOTC broadcast will be heard around 09.00 local time.

On the Sunday following the first Monday of the month, Phil, VK6GX re-broadcasts the latest RAOTC monthly broadcast on 1.845 MHz in the Perth area. To maximise coverage, broadcast times follow either a summer or winter schedule. The summer schedule runs from the first Sunday in October, to the first Sunday in April. The summer schedule is 06.00 followed by a repeat broadcast after callbacks at 07.00. In winter, the schedule is 07.00 followed by a repeat broadcast after the callbacks at 08.00. All times are local. (Note - the schedule changes at the same time that some Eastern states change to or from Daylight Saving Time)

The Ham College Information Beacon, VK6RIB, 145.575 Mhz, which is located at Wireless Hill in Perth, usually re-broadcasts the ROATC news bulletin every ODD hour for the following week. however, it is currently off air and a return to service date is at this stage, unknow.

19.30 (7.30 pm) local time (all year) via the VK7RAA network across northern Tasmania and the VK7RTC network in southern Tasmania.
20.30 (8.30 pm) local time (all year) VK7AX Video Stream via BATC -

The latest monthly news broadcast can be heard throughout the Geelong and Melbourne area at 21.00 (9:00 pm) local time every Tuesday evening on VK3RGL, 147.000 MHz, as part of the nightly Geelong ARC re-broadcast service. Kindly note that no call-backs are taken on this transmission.

Every attempt is made to keep up to date re-broadcast details, however, there may be occasions when times and frequencies may vary.

Do you know of a re-broadcast not listed?
Amateur radio clubs and repeater operators are welcome to re-broadcast the monthly RAOTC broadcast. If this is done on a regular basis, you are encouraged to contact the RAOTC by email with the details, and it will be listed here.

Broadcast Outages
Every effort is made by around six or seven regular members to bring listeners the monthly RAOTC Broadcast. From time to time, however, the broadcast team is unable to fulfill the advertised schedule. In this situation a notice will be posted here if an alternate relay station cannot be found.
Current notice of proposed broadcast outage - None

Call for broadcast relay volunteers
If you feel you may be able to help to transmit the broadcast on a more or less regular basis, from your location, then why not drop a note to  . One example would be to transmit the evening broadcast on HF on 80 metres, from a location in Brisbane, or the morning broadcast on 160 metres from a location in Sydney. With the current decline in solar activity, every little bit helps. Another example would be to transmit it over your local FM repeater, providing of course, that you have the repeater owner's permission. The audio is supplied as an MP3 file and is made available via email a few days before the broadcast date. In order to provide a positive experience (as opposed to negative!), kindly have a look at our Broadcast Technical Requirements.

Call back sessions follow each transmission

Listen to our current month's broadcast, and also our previous broadcasts... left mouse click the file listed

October 2019
September 2019
August 2019
July 2019
June 2019
May 2019

These broadcast files are in MP3 format. Simply click on the relevant file you wish to hear, and your computer should start "streaming the audio", that is play it after a few moments of buffering.

IIf you want to save a permanent copy of the broadcast to your hard drive, click the RIGHT mouse button on the broadcast file name, then save the file to your hard drive using the "Save link as" or “Save target as” option.

Please note that the broadcast files are approximately 5 Mb in size.


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