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We are always looking for articles for OTN ....YOUR journal. Time is running out! The story of radio, particularly amateur radio, should be told through the eyes of those who participated in it, especially during the early days. NOW is the time to tell your story, be it ever so short or long a piece of radio history. Do it NOW and send it in to your journal, OTN. No matter how unimportant you may think your early experiences and adventures with radio were, please record them for posterity. And what better place to record them and let others reminisce with you than in the pages of your journal, OTN!

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journal (Old Timer News) is published in March and September of each year by RAOTC Australia Inc and is mailed to all RAOTC members.

OTN is dependent upon material supplied by members and all contributions are most welcome, particularly those describing your experiences in your early years of electronics, radio and amateur radio communication.

Information on how to write an article for OTN journal     (PDF file - 19k)

We are always looking for articles for OTN. The information contained here will assist you in the preparation and authoring of your article.

OTN Stewart Day Award

In 2003 the RAOTC management committee decided to establish an annual award, entitled the OTN Stewart Day Award, in order to commemorate Stewart’s service to the RAOTC in producing OTN journal over a long period of time.

See the front cover and index of contents of the latest issue of the journal.     (PDF file)

Download a typical example of OTN Journal -  No 70 -September 2022 (PDF file -10 MB).  

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