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Options for payment of money to the RAOTC

There are now three options for paying money to the RAOTC such as membership subscriptions, luncheons, or for ‘OTN on Disc’ DVDs, etc:

  • Cheque or Australian Money Order (AMO) in the mail
  • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) via Internet banking
  • Cash over the counter at any Westpac Bank Branch

The new EFT and ‘cash over the counter’ options have been introduced for members’ convenience. However, payment guidelines must be followed correctly and members must retain proof of payment to facilitate resolution of any queries should they arise.

For payment of membership subscription, check the address fly sheet that came with your latest copy of OTN. It will show your membership status and your Membership Number. Check page 2 of OTN to ascertain the most recent subscription rates and decide how much you are going to pay. After payment, either by cash over the counter or by EFT, send details of the payment either by mail to the RAOTC at PO Box 107, Mentone VIC 3194 or by email to : 

For payment of luncheon fees, obtain your Membership Number and the amount you wish to pay from the luncheon invitation letter. After payment the luncheon RSVP must be returned by post or email with details of the payment.

For purchase of an ‘OTN on Disc’ DVD or payment of any other monies, obtain your Membership Number from the list of members in OTN, and the amount you need to pay from an advertisement in OTN or from the RAOTC web site at < >. After payment, the DVD order must be sent to the RAOTC by post or email with details of the payment.

Cash over the counter at any Westpac Bank Branch

If a Westpac DEPOSIT slip is required, fill it out with particular attention to the following (however, if a Deposit slip is not required, simply advise the teller of the following):
(1)    In the ‘for CREDIT of’ box enter RAOTC
(2)    In the ‘AUX SERIAL NO.’ box enter your four digit Membership Number followed by 99.

(For example, if your membership number is ‘1344’, enter ‘134499’. However, if your number is less than four digits, enter zeros in front of the number. For example, if your number is ‘978’, enter ‘097899’. Note that the Aux Serial No. must be a total of six digits.)
(3)    In the ‘BSB’ box enter the number 733033. It must be this number!
(4)    In the ‘ACCOUNT NUMBER’ box enter the number 520756. Again, it must be this number!
(5)    Request a customer receipt. This is a printout from the teller’s computer system.
Check the line item ‘Agent Ref:’ to make sure your Membership Number followed by 99 has been correctly recorded.
(6)    Keep the stub of the deposit slip together with the customer receipt as a record of your Subscription Renewal.

Electronic funds transfer via internet banking

Go into Internet Banking on your computer and select the account from which you wish to make the Funds Transfer. Do NOT select a Credit Card account!!
In the ‘Transfer Money’ screen enter the following data:
(1)    In the ACCOUNT NAME box to which the funds are to be transferred, enter RAOTC.
(2)    In the BSB box enter the number 733033. It must be this number!
(3)    In the ACCOUNT NUMBER box enter the number 520756. Again, it must be this number!
(4)    In the AMOUNT box enter the amount you wish to pay.
(5)    In the TRANSACTION DETAILS or ACCOUNT DESCRIPTION box enter your Callsign in uppercase, then a space, then your Membership Number. This must be four digits - enter a leading zero if your number is less than four digits.     
    (For example ‘VK3BR 0978’.)

(6)    If your bank provides for it, in the TRANSACTION DETAILS, REMITTER NAME: box enter your name or initials.
(Although your bank’s data input screen may differ slightly from the instructions above, you should have no difficulty in interpreting the instructions to suit. The important issue is getting the RAOTC name and account details correct, as well as your callsign and membership number.)


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