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Membership and Fees

With the objectives to maintain the interest and original pioneer spirit of amateur radio, honour the history and heritage of our hobby, and encourage good fellowship amongst all radio amateurs, Full membership of the RAOTC is available to any person who has held, or has been qualified to hold, an Amateur Licence for a minimum of 25 years.

Associate membership is available to any person who has held, or has been qualified to hold, an Amateur Licence for a minimum of 10 years. Associate members are entitled to all the privileges of Full membership except the right to vote or to hold office.

An RAOTC member, on achieving 90 years of age, and having been a member for a minimum of 10 years, automatically qualifies for a free life membership..

Membership subscriptions, which fall due on 30th April each year, are:
$18.00 for a one year
membership; or
$32.00 for a two year membership; or
$375.00 for a life membership

A $5.00 joining fee is payable by new members to cover the cost of a membership certificate, the recording of membership, and initial postage.

The address flysheet accompanying your mailed copy of OTN magazine shows your RAOTC membership number and your membership financial situation in a line immediately above your name and address. In addition, if your membership subscription is due, a reminder notice will appear below your name and address.

An RAOTC membership application form (PDF file  – 720 k) for membership of the RAOTC is available for download to your computer. You can then open the PDF file with any PDF reading program and fill in the information by keying it in to the relevant interactive fill-in text boxes from your computer keyboard; OR print out a hard copy of the form and fill it in by pen using block letters. The completed PDF application form can then be emailed to the RAOTC Membership Secretary at the RAOTC email address with advice as to whether the fees were paid by EFT or over the counter at a Westpac Bank branch (see Payment of money to the RAOTC); OR a completed hard copy application can be sent to the RAOTC postal address together with your cheque or Money Order for payment of the fees.

Enquiries will be welcomed by Membership Secretary Bill Roper VK3BR on 0416 177 027, or by email to  :

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