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PARTY 2015


QSO Party Results 2015

Here are the results of the QSO Party, held on Saturday, 19th September 2015.

Thank you to everyone who took part, even if there were only a few of you.
One wonders why there is so little interest from other States?

1st Place
VK6NSB 45 points
2nd Place 
Mark VK6AR 43 points
3rd Place 
Clive VK6CSW 40 points
4th Place 
Ian VK6DW 8 points
5th Place 
Tony VK6ATI 5 points
6th Place 
Deane VK3TX 1 point

Ian Godsil  VK3JS
QSO Party Manager

The Rules for the QSO Party 2015

All licensed Australian Amateur Radio Operators are invited to participate in the annual QSO Party sponsored by the Radio Amateurs Old Timers Club Australia Inc. The event this year is in the form of a contest.

This event was originally referred to as the ‘Old Rigs Contest’ because, as amateurs with many years’ experience, many have older radios still in working order. Here is a good opportunity to give them an airing. However, do not feel afraid to use the latest ‘do everything’ radio!

Saturday, 19th September 2015
0400 – 1200 UTC.
To make as many contacts as possible, especially with members of the RAOTC.
160, 80, 40 and 20 metres.
CW, AM and SSB.
Suggested Frequencies:
160 metres

SSB 1850 kHz
AM 1843 kHz
80 metres
CW 3520 kHz SSB 3570 - 3590 kHz
AM 3560 kHz
40 metres
CW 7020 kHz
SSB 7080 - 7090 kHz
AM 7120 kHz
20 metres
CW 14040 kHz
SSB 14160 - 14170 kHz

On CW “CQ OT”. On Phone “CQ Old Timers”
Callsigns, serial number starting at 001 and incrementing by one for each contact,
whether RAOTC member or not.
Score: One point per contact. Add 25 points to total score if using a radio 25 years or more old.
Special Segments:
40 metres on above frequency
20 metres on above frequency
80 metres on above frequency
0430 - 0515 UTC
0600 - 0645 UTC
1000 - 1045 UTC
40 metres on above AM frequency
80/160 metres on above AM frequencies
0530 - 0615 UTC
1030 - 1115 UTC
Logs must show the callsign of the station worked; time; mode; exchange sent and received; callsign, name and postal address of operator submitting the log; and whether using an older radio or not.
Send logs to: 
Secretary RAOTC, PO Box 107, Mentone VIC 3194; or via email to: by Friday, 2nd October 2015. If sending by email, and no acknowledgement is received, please resend.
Certificates will be issued to:
  • Scorer with highest total contacts.
  • Highest scorer using an old radio.
  • Highest scorer in each special segment.

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