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Call for assistant web site co-ordinator.

Many hands always make light work. As part of any club run solely by volunteers, the RAOTC committee always welcomes new members who may be are able to assist in any small way. This may be in assisting the editor of the club journal, OTN, proofreading, organising material for the monthly news broadcasts or organising after-meal speakers for the RAOTC Luncheons.

One area where there is a request for assistance is a second person to assist in maintaining the RAOTC Web site that you are currently looking at. This is a reasonably easy task if you have some basic computer skills, that is: ability to manage using a file manager, use a fairly simple word processor, and so on. It's not "Rocket Science". However, it is a fairly responsible task as it represents what is often the first point of contact non members have when they start exploring the RAOTC.

The current web site manager took over this task in 2012 and the fundamental goals and objectives haven't changed very much since then. There are some fairly simple guidelines. These include the following, although this is not an exhaustive list:

  • It must be easy to read, particularly for older folk who may not have perfect vision. For example, a light blue font on a grey background is a big no no. Many people can’t read it.
  • It must be easy to navigate and enable finding of information without too much glitz and glamour.
  • It must be easy to use, using pretty much any operating system and various web browsers.

For example, there are people that use Microsoft Windows from XP (now 20 years old) through to and including Windows 11. The web site must be viewable by pretty much everyone regardless of what they use, ranging from an old version of Internet Explorer, or Safari, or Firefox, or Google Chrome. It must all look the same.

The Software.

To this end, there are two pieces of software used to maintain the web site. Both are free, and both work on Apple Mac OS, Linux, and Microsoft Windows. These are both simple programs that anyone with intermediate computer skills should be able to pick up.

  • Kompozer. It provides a way to edit the content of the pages, similar to Open Office or Microsoft Office Word. Although development of this program has ceased, it nevertheless does the job.
    • FileZilla, This is a file manager program used to transfer files to and from the web site server after being edited by Kompozer.

These programs are available for all popular operating systems. These links may change over time.

The RAOTC management committee looks forward to hearing from you, if you're able to assist.t.

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