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OTN Stewart Day Award 2012

In 2003 the RAOTC management committee decided to establish an annual award, entitled the OTN Stewart Day Award, in order to commemorate Stewart’s service to the RAOTC in producing OTN magazine over a long period of time.

This award, in the form of a colourful certificate, is to be presented each year to the RAOTC member whose original contribution to OTN has been judged by the management committee to be the best published in that calendar year.

The list of award winners since its inception is as follows:

2003 Arthur Evans
2004 Bill Magnusson VK3JT
2005 Graeme Scott VK2KE
2006 David Dunn VK3DBD
2007 Clive Wallis VK6CSW
2008 Clive Wallis VK6CSW
2009 Bob Crowe VK6CG
2010 John Drew VK5DJ
2011 Lloyd Butler VK5BR

Again in 2012, as in all preceding years, there were several excellent contributions published in OTN which were considered for the 2012 award. However, after substantial discussion, it was finally decided to award the OTN Stewart Day Award 2012 to Gerry Wild VK6GW in recognition of the high standards of his original articles My radio journey which appeared in the March 2012 issue of OTN and Veteran’s badge which appeared in the September 2012 issue of OTN.

Gerry’s articles are excellent examples of the type of personal involvement in radio history we like to publish in OTN.

In making the 2012 award to Gerry, the RAOTC management committee also made special mention of the outstanding and continuing support to OTN by regular contributors, Clive Wallis VK6CSW, Herman Willemsen VK2IXV, Lloyd Butler VK5BR and the editor Bill Roper VK3BR.

The RAOTC management committee would like to thank all contributors to OTN magazine. Without your invaluable contributions the RAOTC would not be able to produce such an interesting magazine.

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